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Full automatic self suction type piston filling machine

  • ZH-ZX-3

ZH-ZX-3 Full-automatic self-suction type piston filling machine

The machine is a kind of high-tech filling device adopting PLC programmable logic control, W.6 inch touch screen human machine interface system, and integrating photoelectric sensing, automatic material sucking and pneumatic actuating. It can fill three kinds of different materials simultaneously. With convenient and rapid material sucking, it is an ideal device for filling No. 1, 2, 3 materials for ion hair burning.



◆ Filling three kinds of different materials simultaneously.

◆ Self-suction type material sucking, which is convenient.

◆Switching can be completed within several minutes according to different types of bottles with convenient adjustment.

◆Every filling head is provided with bottle clamping device to ensure an accurate filling position.

Bottle clamping and down pressing type screw capping machine or automatic capping

machine is optional for capping operation.


Technique Parameter:

Applicable bottle diameter: 40-100mm

Measurement accuracy: ±1%

Filling capacity: 40-1000ml

Production capacity: ≤180b/h

Pressure: 5kg

Power: 0.5kw

Weight: 300kg

Dimension: 2000*1000*2300mm (L*W*H)



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